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PEST CONTROL, Bird Control.

PEST CONTROL, Bird Control.

Pest Control

Bird Free means

Under the “To Nature” brand it is a Eco-friendly bird repellent made with safety elements contained in GRAS list of FDA, which is harmless to the human body.A product that repels birds by stimulating multi-sensory which is visual, scent and if birds were even brave enough to come close our product it uses touch and taste sensories. 

GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe by US FDA

Background of product development

Birds are wonderful species that cannot be separated from human habitat, however birds can also transfer harmful diseases such as Avian flu and SARS.- Contamination and damage on facilities due to excrement of birds - really extreme in some cases and we’ve seen some horrifying places- Damage of crops - Some farmers due to economic losses just tries to shoot the birds and we think that is no way to treat our beautiful species. It is just inhumane to do so.Incumbent methods of bird control.- Scare crows, reflective mirrors, sonic equipment, spiking, netting, trapping gels.- We all know 99% of the time the only real method that works is complete netting, and guess what, that is expensive and it looks like we are caged in the net it self. Many net installers are inexperienced and they do a poor job of installing the nets ,thus the bird always sneak into the net, birds builds nests on the spikes. 

So we came up with Bird Free, which any one can really easily install, thus it is economical and since it is toxic free it is safe and does not harm anyone. The most important fact is that this is like no other bird aversion system in the world, and we have many testimonials from all over the world by bird specialists that this is like no other aversion system our there.

It is all about Technology

Our technology means scent release control technology by micro encapsulation and formulation technology that gives us a 2 year life span, that is stable in any environment. Rain and general extreme weather condition is prevented by special formulation that is based on oil film on the surfaces of the product.

What we have done is like no other gel or any other product out in the market.Compared to other gel type product in the market which are almost all trapping gel type which means it is a single sensory type. Our gel on the other hand is a multi-sensory type gel (visual, olfactory, taste, and touch sense) which works simultaneously to stimulate the birds to fly away. 
What does this all this mean ? What we have done is that, we have developed a gel type product that when used as instructed will keep the birds away by activating sensing mechanism of the scent and taste by adding bio friendly ingredients that bird recognize and want to avoid at all times. 

Then we have added materials that stimulate the sense of touch in case brave birds come in close contact with our gel. 
The most amazing thing about our gel is that we have a system based on UV light technology that we have acquired through the studies of bird visual mechanism. Now the bird will see our gel as a small fire which they do not want come close to. 

To summarize and recap: Our product maintains the stabilization in extreme environment conditions up to 2 years. Excellent bird repellent effect and extension of prolonged efficacy period Excellent bird aversion effect and continuous effect compared to existing bird repellent by multi-sensory stimulation and formulation technology of products.

Bio Friendly Gel - Easy Installation and Easy Removal

Safety element contained in GRAS list of US FDA Additive includes natural vegetable oil composition to simulate the scent mechanism.Not harmful in anyway, remember the difficulties of the gel formulation of the past? Did you have a difficulty in removing them when they have turned hard and sticky, Testimonials tells us that the other gel formulations was really difficulty to remove the gels when they have been used and left alone for prolonged period let alone the birds coming back. This is costly to remove when building needs to be repainted or maintained. The cost related to this is again very high. And with our formula when applied to your structure and facilities you never have to worry about that since they all come with special containers that hold the gel which also comes with different apparatus. (See the pictures below) Even when applied directly it is easy to remove and they never get hard like the other gels.


PCT patent              :  "GEL-TYPE BIRD AVERSION COMPOSITIONS" (PCT/KR2008/002936)


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