Post-construction Treatment

Post-construction Treatment

Termite Control, Control Termite Colony

Termite probe through the soil until they come in contact with a food source, a process known as "random foraging".  From their colonies, these foragers can travel as far as 5.4-6.0 metres.  Once a food source is located, they build a path to start their system transporting the food back to the colony.  In most cases termites never expose themselves to light or open air, making their detection during feeding nearly impossible.  Even in crossing over non-soil matter such as concrete, they will build tubes composed of soil particles to keep themselves protected. 

Everything is then in place for a system of mass food transportation.  Thousands of termites will travel back and forth from the food source to the nest, carrying with them the sustenance the colony needs to survive.  Termites colonies work as interdependent units - they all rely on each other for survival.

To stop the termites'  feeding process, DePEST professionals will apply termiticide around and directly beneath the foundation of your house.  So to provide maximum protection,  DePEST professionals may drill holes on the floor around the house to inject  termiticide which should then distribute throughout the soil along the foundation creating a seamless, treated zone between your home and the foraging termites. .

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