Pest at Working Place

Pest Control Subang Jaya, Selangor.Having Pest Problem at your office?  DePEST will solve your pest problems e.g.  flies, rats, termites, cockroaches and ants.  Our fully trained and committed Service Technician with years of experience will work on your problems and will work with you to develope good practices in office pest control and prevention. 


Schools, kindergartens and tertiary institutes are commonly infested by the major pest types, such as flies, rats, mosquitoes and cockroaches. We introduce safe treatment for these pests in this educational institutes.


More and more people have choosen to eat out.   Why not maintain your business free of pest, as more and more people choose to eat on the go, new restaurants are springing up everywhere to serve them.  All the choices on the menu stimulates even greater market appetite — with healthy profits to be made, so long as you can keep delivering the meals your customer  wants.  In order to mantain and improve your business, make sure that your restaurant is free of pest.

Waste no time!   Call DePEST pest control now to solve your pest problems and keep away your servings tainted by pests.                     

Staying pest-free will always:                                        

  • keep your business running at full capacity.
  • maintain the quality of the food you serves.
  • encourage your customer to continue patronizing your restaurant and trust your food hygiene.
  • satisfied the authorities.



In the manufacturing of all pharmaceuticals products,  measures must be taken to safeguard your production process not forgetting surroundings of production.  This is to avoid contaminations.  DePEST pest control services will help you to solve your pest problem.  Regular treatments and inspections will keep you assure of pest free.


Hospitals and healthcare centre

Hygiene in healthcare must be taken piriority.  Treatment rooms, accomodation facilities, nursing homes, clinics and treatment centres must be kept free of pest for prevention of possibility infectious diseases.  DePEST will work together with healthcare provider and will responds immediately to compromise your hygiene

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